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Techatalyst has partnered with one of the leading supply-chain solution companies to
provide an SCM solution that offers out-of-the-box integration with SAP

Production scheduling for low-volume, high-mix work typical of most job/batch shops is challenging. Our Shop-floor scheduling software allows you to meet all your delivery time frames for each sales order and for every client.

As your business grows substantially, scheduling manually or with spreadsheets become impossible. It’s under such situations it becomes inevitable to use a production scheduling software to handle more / complex jobs under tighter constraints than ever.

Optimization of shop-floor requires data that is accurate.

That’s because the cycle-time “guesstimates” common in job shops don’t work with a scheduling engine, while clean, accurate routings are more accurate in a repeating-job environment, where cycle times are predictable.  Finite scheduling looks at work-center/ machine capacity availability, manpower capacity (shifts), and then organizes everything based on manufacturing lead times and priorities to deliver a shop-floor order schedule for the shop to work on.

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Business Benefits

  • Improve accuracy of your delivery dates for all client orders.
  • Optimal usage of resources by reducing production downtimes.
  • Improved capacity utilization, reduce idle time and overall cost.
  • Increased throughput by decreasing production lead times. Use machines/ manpower to the fullest availability.

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Shop-floor Scheduling Features

  • Graphical display of schedule orders using Gantt Chart.
  • Manually moveable scheduled orders by drag and drop.
  • Ability to lock a schedule.
  • Different strategies for scheduling such as minimize WIP or maximize resource utilization.
  • Schedule resource by resource or order by order.
  • Ability to see the links between upstream and downstream operations graphically.
  • Respects resource constraints such as working time, setup time, wait time, min queue time and transfer batch quantity.
  • Model sequence dependent setup time.
  • Considering factory times and resource available times (calendars).
  • Pulling in orders with same setup to reduce sequence dependent setup time.
  • Give planned start and end time for all the work orders.

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