SAP NetWeaver, Custom Development,
Integration Services

Create new components, Integrate non-SAP apps

Our technical capabilities are able to meet all your SAP customization needs to take care of gaps between business requirements and standard SAP functionality.

We translate your core business processes to SAP solution suite and plug gaps through customization. We integrate your existing non-SAP systems in to your SAP solution through either migration or interface.

  • Expert team with in-depth and varied experience in all SAP technical areas.
  • A very matured and reliable remote development model.
  • Rigorous quality assurance procedures and processes designed to give high quality deliverables.
  • Rapid and accurate development through object reuse.
  • Upgrade-ready and evolution-ready architecture for Customization.

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Create new SAP components

  • SAP S/4 HANA.
  • SAP ERP (ECC 6 & versions).
  • Various Industry solutions.

These services cover the following technical areas:

  • ABAP/4: Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms, Workflows (RICEFW)
  • ADOBE Forms
  • Web Reporting, Knowledge Management, WebDynpro, BSP
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Web Applications

Integrate non-SAP components/Apps

At Techatalyst we have the expertise to address all your SAP integration needs. Any requirement arising from new business acquisitions, implementation scope restrictions or strategic decisions can be catered for. We seamlessly integrate your upstream/downstream SAP and non-SAP systems and set up framework for end-to-end visibility.

Process Orchestration provides a tool infrastructure to model and design business processes – from the overall process flow and the sequence of activities up to the interfaces and data types that are needed to integrate SAP systems and external systems.

We can achieve that through many modes.

  • SAP Process Integration/ Orchestration
  • Java
  • Web-Dynpro
  • WebClient

Custom Fiori Apps

  • Personalized and user friendly mobile apps are dominating the world of internet today. Modern design principles like role-based, simple and responsive govern the development of applications in this new era of mobile apps. Sooner or later the same will be expected from business software.
  • Business users today value the importance of UX on multiple access points like Desktops, Tablets and smartphones. SAP Fiori, the new user experience(UX) for SAP software provides a consistent end-to-end UX and can be used across all device types. New SAP solutions like S/4HANA are designed using the UX. SAP Fiori breaks the basic transactional model of SAP and concentrates on users and their goals.
  • SAP Fiori is based on the modern principles of design. It provides roles-based, responsive UX for SAP applications and business suite to facilitate better user-system interaction. SAP Fiori allows the user to port the business applications to mobile devices
  • We can help you to develop your own Fiori Apps that integrate with SAP seamlessly.
  • Our teams will work with you using principles of Design Thinking to get high ownership & quick delivery.
  • SAP Fiori is built using HTML5 and SAP UI5 mobile. It is based on SAP’s technology platform Netweaver. SAP Fiori allows you to access the most recent version of your back end data. SAP Fiori launchpad is the central entry hub to all SAP apps, where user access apps via tiles.
  • SAP Fiori for now is free-to-license for SAP enterprise customers and is available on iOS and Android platforms.

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