Walking into a store and holding merchandise; trying it on, feeling the material, examining the stitching.

These are the things we value as consumers when shopping in person, because shopping in person is no longer a necessity – it’s a lifestyle experience. It’s something we do for fun, or something we do when we want physical interaction with the products we might buy.

When we find that perfect pair of jeans, try them on, and realize how well they fit, we get a little shot of dopamine. We’ll never part with those jeans, we think! Until we wear them so much we split the crotch…and even then, we will probably find a way to keep them around.

But traditional retail is dying. That instant gratification that we all grew up with is slowly being phased out in favor of online shopping. With more and more stores shuttering daily retailers must ask themselves, what does tomorrow look like? How can I create a digital brand powerful enough to take the place of my brick-and-mortar?