SAP Fiori is a game-changer in the world of SAP. It brings a user-friendly and intuitive interface to SAP applications, making it easier for businesses to streamline their processes and enhance productivity.

While SAP Fiori was the new SAP user interface (UI) launched in 2013, with limited applications now it is available for all users of SAP products including S/4HANA, SuccessFactors Employee Central, Ariba, Cloud for Customer, and more can take advantage of this UX.

SAP FIORI: What it is?

SAP Fiori is a streamlined role-based application that can be customized across business lines, tasks, and devices. Based on customer feedback, SAP built the SAP Fiori UX for ease of use. Mobile deployment lets people use the UX without a computer. SAP Fiori has seamless mobile app motions and controls. The new UX has simple, adaptive, and modern interfaces without unnecessary tabs or forms. SAP Fiori and SAP HANA combine to deliver unmatched application response and query execution speeds.

SAP Fiori’s main benefits:

User-friendly: Fiori’s new, intuitive design facilitates SAP application use. Its responsive design makes PCs, tablets, and smartphones work well together.

Productivity Increase: Fiori streamlines corporate operations and tasks. Users work more efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing physical labor.

Real-Time Data: Data and analytics are generally available in real time in Fiori apps. Updated information helps users make informed decisions, improving corporate results.

Customization: Users can customize the Fiori Launchpad with frequently used apps and shortcuts. Customizing the UI to user preferences improves satisfaction.

Mobile Friendly: Mobile-responsive Fiori lets users access SAP apps on their phones. This accessibility is useful for mobile users.

In this step-by-step guide, we will explore how you can use SAP Fiori to navigate through complex SAP systems and leverage its capabilities to simplify your work.

Step 1: Accessing SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori requires login credentials from your SAP administrator or IT department. SAP system access is secure with these credentials. Start your favorite web browser and type the URL into the address box.

  • Make sure your browser supports SAP Fiori. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox are supported.
  • SAP login credentials must be kept private to protect important corporate data.

Step 2: Log In

The Fiori login screen requires your SAP username and password. This step restricts SAP system access to authorized users.

  • Some companies use MFA for security. Additional verification, usually via a mobile app or security token, is required.
  • Strong, unique usernames along with periodic password changes improve security.

Step 3: Exploring the Fiori Launchpad

The Fiori Launchpad serves as the primary access point for SAP applications and tasks. This software offers a high level of customization, enabling users to arrange tiles and applications based on their individual preferences. This feature facilitates convenient access to frequently utilized tools.

  • Create groups to organize tiles, change the theme, and customize the homepage layout.
  • Even with a large tile collection, the Launchpad’s search bar lets you quickly find apps.

Step 4: Fiori App Navigation

SAP Fiori delivers apps for Finance, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, HR, etc. Your SAP system tasks are simplified by these apps’ intuitive UI.

  • Use Fiori apps to create purchase orders, manage invoicing, or track employee leaves.
  • By improving user experience, Fiori reduces the need for extensive training.

Step 5: Using App

SAP Fiori apps let you create, update, and manage data. Both SAP novices and experts can utilize these apps due to their easy design.

  • Fiori apps often employ wizards and guided workflows to complete complicated tasks.
  • Fiori’s responsive design lets customers utilize it on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, giving them mobility.

Step 6: Customization and Personalization

Fiori personalization boosts efficiency. Add frequently utilized apps to the home page, create task shortcuts, and rearrange tiles to your liking.

  • Fiori lets you customize themes to match your preferences or company identity.
  • Create custom groups for organizing relevant tiles and simplify Launchpad.

Step 7: A responsive design

Fiori’s responsive design makes desktops, tablets, and smartphones work well together. This flexibility is useful for professionals who use SAP systems on the go.

  • A responsive app automatically adjusts its layout and functionality to the device’s resolution and orientation.
  • SAP applications can be accessed from anywhere, improving user productivity.

Step 8: Communicate and collaborate

Collaboration capabilities in many Fiori apps aid communication and teamwork. Users can share, allocate, and collaborate on projects in SAP using these capabilities.

  • Collaboration options include instant chat, file sharing, and task or document comments.
  • Team members can exchange resources for seamless business process collaboration.

Step 9: Staying Current

SAP Fiori alerts and notifies users. These notifications alert you to process events, approvals, and modifications, keeping you on top of your tasks.

  • Change notification settings to suit your tastes. This lets them receive email, in-app, and smartphone alerts.
  • Remaining well-informed enables individuals to effectively manage their SAP activities and promptly address any critical events that may arise.

Step 10: Logging Out

It is imperative to log out of your SAP Fiori session in order to ensure optimal security measures. To initiate the log out process, kindly navigate to the profile icon or name located in the top-right corner of the Launchpad. From there, please proceed to select the option labeled “Log Off” from the dropdown menu.

  • Log out of your session, especially on shared computers, to protect your SAP account.
  • SAP Fiori safeguards sensitive company data and SAP environment integrity.

SAP Fiori improves SAP application user experience and productivity for organizations and users.

A list of latest Fiori apps is available on the following link:


SAP Fiori’s user-friendliness and versatility make it valuable to organizations globally. Following this detailed guide, you can comfortably use SAP Fiori, optimize your workflow, and maximize its potential. Fiori’s attractive design and comprehensive functionality make SAP applications easier for both new and experienced users. Fiori and its Launchpad can revolutionize your SAP journey.

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