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Demand forecasting helps organizations estimate their future client demand using historical data and other information such as field reports.

Demand forecasting helps organizations estimate their future client demand using historical data and other information such as field reports. With a realistic demand forecast businesses are able to gather valuable information about their potential and different functions within an organization can make informed decisions about pricing, business growth strategies, and market share. Without demand forecasting, businesses risk making poor decisions about their products, target markets often leading to loss in market shares & company value.

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Business Benefits

  • Flexibility to support each functional area to view data supporting the way they work
  • Unlimited number of hierarchies and parallel hierarchies to suit the needs of the most demanding users
  • Effective Sales reviews. Great mechanism for 100% visibility in field sales projections, and actual lift.
  • Better capacity utilization based on realistic Sales demand forecast.
  • Improved market penetration, less stock outs / over stocking.
  • Product analysis groups the most critical items with highest demand frequency to laser focus on what is important.
  • Performance measurements allows for accountability and responsive corrective action

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Time Series Analysis

When businesses mine historical data for a product or product line and you can leverage your operational data for demand forecasting. A time series analysis can help you identify seasonal fluctuations, cyclical patterns, and key sales trends. The time series analysis approach can be exploited by businesses who have can leverage several years of data to work from and relatively stable trend patterns. The Demand Forecasting solution uses the powerful R statistical forecasting engine incorporating the best time series techniques available anywhere worldwide, including the following algorithms:

  • Arima
  • Auto Arima
  • Auto Exponential Smoothing
  • Auto Regression
  • Croston
  • Exponential Smoothing
  • Holt Winters Smoothing
  • Simple Moving Average
  • Weighted Moving Average

Additionally, users have the option to add their own algorithms

Demand Forecasting Features

  • Merchandisers’ group product into departments and sub-departments to support their area of control
  • Buyer/Planner reviews product in aggregate and detail prior to release to suppliers or the plants
  • Operations review data by product group and family tied to production lines
  • Sales team reviews sales by client by product category, or product category by client
  • Forecast adjustments made top-down, bottom-up, middle-out
  • Data viewed in units, cost, selling price, margin, volume, weight, and percentages making up aggregate
  • Aggregates not stored but calculated on the fly providing greater flexibility ensuring data accuracy at all times
  • Product ranking from the most to least critical by cost, selling price, margin, and/or volume
  • Product ranking from high to low frequency of demand
  • The industry leading R forecasting engine provides high quality predictions allowing for a reduction in safety inventory
  • Detailed forecasting supports detailed budgeting and performance measures showing actual sales to forecast and budget
  • Graphical displays where a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Dual forecasting graphs, one sequential, the other stacked to immediately see trend and seasonality
  • Supersession allows linking of old to new items to provide meaningful history for effective forecasting of new product

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