Techatalyst hires consultants based on their experience and potential. We follow a mentorship model where every Techatalyst consultant is invested in the success of the team. Yes, we push our consultants, but we stand behind you a 100% in order that you succeed. At Techatalyst, unlike very large consulting companies, it is observed that consultants take on far more responsibilities, help their teams, and work with industry leading global clients. You’ll be challenged to widen your skillset and take on lead positions. Isn’t that something you look forward to?

We want you to succeed.

Our interview/selection process is driven to understand your strengths, how you can help our clients & most importantly your willingness to learn, take new responsibilities.

Then, what do we look for?  

 Show us your

  • Problem solving skills
  • Your experience. Not only your wins, but also your failures & what learnt from it.
  • Ability to put clients first
  • Thirst to learn

Not the contrived, boring personal mission statements. Share your real-life experiences. Your passion. Share with us your dreams of what you are looking for.

Send in your resume at And let’s meet.

Openings @ Techatalyst

Apply for your suitable position

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