Techatalyst is a global services firm with a core focus on SAP. We provide end-to-end SAP services that cover implementations, roll-outs, upgrade/migrations all the way to support. Our passion is to help our clients maximize returns on their SAP investments. Help them to use SAP how it’s meant to be. Going beyond just operationalizing transactions. By engaging with business to help them realize their most important goals. And in the process keep them current on SAP.


Waman Dukle
Waman DukleFounder and CEO
Waman Duklé founded Techatalyst in 2005. Waman is an accomplished business leader, having built & grown multiple software technology businesses in India & the US over the past 27 years. Waman set up the Mumbai operations of SAP in 1996 & since then is actively involved in the SAP ecosystem as a mentor for many executives & organizations.

Strong leadership attributes, exceptional conceptualization skills, consistent track record of high achievement in challenging environments. Ability to strategize and successfully execute new initiatives. Strong track record of performance, credibility, trust as a leader. Brings to the table a comprehensive perspective on challenges faced in the IT industry, gained through all the years of solid experience managing all aspects of the business – from sales, solutioning to delivery. At Techatalyst, Waman inspires teams to achieve bigger goals, challenging the status quo.

Chaitanya Kagal
Chaitanya KagalChief Operating Officer
CK is an accomplished business development professional with over two decades of experience in setting up business operations for multinationals as well as Indian startup companies in the Enterprise Software Applications space.

CK is passionate about delivering value to clients. In the process of helping clients across industries, both big and small, he has crafted numerous unique solutions to their specific needs. Never to approach a client with a ‘pre-determined’ solution is his mantra. Understand the business challenge, figure out a way to minimize investments, and yet deliver a world-class solution, is what CK believes in. He’s at ease with the entire spectrum of manufacturing, distribution and retail industries assisting them with business applications such as ERPs, SCM, PLM, CRM, & BI. At Techatalyst CK focuses on driving business to the next level.


Why did you invest in SAP? To build a solid technology foundation that will help your business grow & help you remain current on technology. But SAP is a vast and complex technical solution. It’s a platform that is used by over 378,000+ Clients in more than 180 countries! So, it’s both a blessing and a burden. If used correctly you can leapfrog competition. But at times it’s a tad overwhelming.

That’s where we come in.

We understand SAP. More importantly, we put in efforts to know you. And we help you to leverage SAP correctly for your business goals. That’s the reason we start by engaging with your business. Grasp their challenges & focus on their goals. Then figure out the best way to accomplish those with SAP. Implementing SAP’s best practices.

And that is why it is important for us to engage in longer term relationships with our clients. As our association grows, so does their RoI on SAP.

It is one thing to say this and quite another to do it. We walk the talk.



We obsess about one thing. Outcomes. It doesn’t matter what stands in our way to deliver tangible business benefits to clients. We grasp technology is just a tool to deliver. How you use it is important, but the real issue is to address the Why!

Holistic View

When we see life only from one perspective we miss out. It’s important to understand ideas of all stakeholders. That’s critical. We help clients focus better and help them produce better Results!


It’s an often bandied, tossed around, used; but mostly abused term. We rarely see consultants bringing uncompromising ethics to the profession. In large, small, simple, complex all kinds of environments. We are zealous to get ethics back to the fore in consulting. And expect the same from clients. After all we can’t expect the world to change unless we Change!

Trust and Teamwork

Trust is the cornerstone of all successful relationships. We are accountable to our word. With clients, employees, partners; everyone. We say what we mean & do as we say. Equally important is Teamwork. Successful consulting is a team sport. When it comes to our clients, it’s not us vs them. Our clients are the keystones of our team!